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Free 2-day shipping. Buy 5019 Better-Gro Orchid Bark, 8 Quarts, Orchid bark By Sun Bulb at. Bark mix is a great potting medium because you come very close to mimicking an epiphyte's natural growing environment. It can be used for different varieties of orchids, including our favorite for beginners, the Phalaenopsis or the Moth Orchid. Here are some common materials that you can use to make bark mix. Fir Bark.

Orchiata Orchid Bark. Orchid Bark by Orchiata is a standalone orchid growing substrate that can be used directly from the bag. Produced from 100% pure New Zealand Pinus Radiata bark, it is a unique, stable substrate for potting and re-potting orchids. OS-1001 Douglas Fir Bark-Medium Grade - Available in Hobby Bag Size or 2 Cu Ft. This is the superb REXUIS brand that is heat treated to eliminate most weed and mold problems associated with untreated bark. We are the oldest and largest orchid grower in the Midwest.

Better-Gro® Orchid Bark is a premium, multi-purpose potting medium for all epiphytic orchids as well as bromeliads, ferns, and a wide variety of other ornamentals. It is perfect for potting, re-potting, or spot refilling, making it the ideal “emergency” potting mixture. Better-Gro Orchid Bark is a multi-purpose potting medium for epiphytic orchids, bromeliads, ferns and a wide variety of other ornamentals. It is a combination of specifically sized and graded grower's choice western fir bark. Clean, heat treated, sterilized Douglas Fir bark that has been high graded and sized to meet the highest standards of orchid growers today. Use for growing orchids, a decorative cover for indoor and outdoor pots or planter boxes, or a lightweight drainage material in the bottom of all your potting containers. Bark. We offer Orchid Bark by Orchiata and Rexius and Orchid Mix by Better-Gro. These products are designed specifically for growing orchids. Like bark, tree fern is available in grades from coarse down to fine. Unlike fir bark, tree fern does not generally require extra nitrogen when used in orchid culture. It is not as woody as bark, though it decomposes at a similar rate. Peat Moss Peat moss has long been a recommended ingredient of terrestrial mixes see Bertsch, 1980.

18/12/2019 · The right potting mix for orchids provides plenty of drainage, air circulation, or moisture — depending on the needs of your particular orchid. Orchid mixes consist of a variety of potting materials, each of which has its pros and cons. You can mix your own. 12/10/2017 · This video includes an addendum at the end on how I drain the orchid in bark.

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